ceo career

CEO 경력


  • CEO of HAEWOO (Soju) Co., Ltd., a Chinese corporation
  • CEO of HAEWOO GLS, a Vietnamese corporation
  • Chairman of the Korea Logistics Business Cooperative
  • President of the National Logistics Industrialization Promotion Council

A Major Career

  • Audit of the Korea Customs and Logistics Association (2001)
  • Member of Incheon International Airport Logistics Promotion Council (2002)
  • North Korea Visits Pyongyang (invited by the Civil and Economic Union) (2003)
  • Member of the National Logistics Policy Committee of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (2009)
  • 2nd President of the Korea International Trade Association's GLMP Alumni Association (2009)
  • First President of the Korea Integrated Logistics Association (2009)
  • Vice Chairman of the Korea Defense Transport Association (2013)
  • The 7th President of the GLMP Alumni Association of the Korea International Trade Association (2017)


1999. 03     Gimpo Customs won a citation for customs administration work (Director of the Korea Customs Service)

2003. 10     Korea Logistics Awards Logistics Innovation Competition Award (Minister of Construction and Transportation)
2007. 08     Korea International Trade Association won the Grand Prize for Successful Logistics Innovation (Minister of Economy)
2007. 12     Proud Korean to win Grand Prize in Logistics Industry (Korea Journalists Association)
2008. 06     2008 Korea Innovation Contributors Awards (News People)
2008. 12     45th Trade Day Presidential Commendation Award (Korea Trade Association)
2009. 03     Awarded the 43rd Tax Day Commendation (Gangseo Tax Office)
2010. 03     Designation of Small and Medium Businesses with Management Innovation (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2011. 11     Korea Sharing Volunteer Award (Korea Hanbit Association)
2015. 03     Awarded the 49th Tax Day Commendation (Gangseo Tax Office)
Logistics innovation activities
  • 1985.01 The creation of a prefectural system for imported cargo at Gimpo Airport (Samsung Electronics exclusive contract)
  • 1989.05 Development of vibration-free vehicles (for transportation of semiconductor equipment)
  • 2005.12 Appreciation plaque for logistics efficiency between Samsung's Chinese factories (Samsung Electronics)
  • 2007.08 Korea-China Logistics Innovation Case Grand Prize (Minister of Finance and Economy)


  • Crane with two means of transportation installed on one guide rail (applied in 2005)
  • Carrier Trailer with Folding Post (Applied 2006)
  • Foldable containers (applied in 2007)
  • Containers for vehicle loading of two-story structures (applied in 2008)
Korea Integrated Logistics Association Seminar (April 14, 2017)

Logistics Industry Development Seminar (December 17, 2017)

Logistics Industry Development Seminar (February 10, 2014)
Korea Logistics Business Cooperative

July 16, 2012 Regular General Meeting and Seminar of Korea Logistics Business Cooperatives

May 16, 2012 Board of Directors of the Korea Logistics Business Cooperative

Integrated Logistics Association

Jun 25, 2009 Founding General Assembly of the Integrated Logistics Association

2010, 2012, Integrated Logistics Association and Board of Directors

September 12, 2009 Korea Integrated Logistics Association signs MOU with Busan Tech

October 26, 2009 Korea Integrated Logistics Association Overseas Construction Association Signs MOU with Korea Advanced Logistics Policy Institute

October 28, 2009 Korea Integrated Logistics Association AEO Certification Business Agreement Ceremony

October 28, 2009 MOU for preventing industrial accidents of logistics workers

Awards and press interviews

May 24, 2010 Chung Kyung-NEWS won the logistics category of "People Who Shined Korea."

November 4, 2010 Korea Logistics Awards Ceremony

SBS Interview

Dailynews 인터뷰

Various Events
December 8, 2010 Launch of Distribution Logistics Information Convergence Project Group

January 21, 2011 Mission to Taichang City, Visits

January 29, 2010 Glory Logistics Headquarters Launching Ceremony

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